UAE Visa for Israel Citizens

UAE Visa for Israel Citizens

Dubai is an eye-catching city of majestic skyscrapers, city-sized malls, luxurious beaches, indoor ski resorts, and shaped islands. Israeli citizens have been banned to enter the UAE, but now an agreement has been signed between the UAE and Israel. The Israeli citizens now have a permit to enter UAE, as per the new rule, the Israeli citizens are not required for visas to travel in the UAE as a tourist. Due to COVID-19, the country is just open for traveling now. 90 days is the maximum duration to stay in the country. There are a few steps to apply for UAE Visa for Israel Citizens. There are other visas types like:

  • Employment visa 
  • Tourist visa
  • Service visa
  • Student visa
  • Family visa
  • Residence visa
  • Maid visa
  • Investor/partner visa

There is a misconception that if an individual has an Israeli stamp in his/her passport he/she cannot enter Dubai, this may be correct in the past. But this has been changed now as the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the presence of an Israeli stamp on your passport is not the rejection of reason to enter the UAE 

What are the documents required? 

We can start the Dubai visa process once we have received all the clear scanned copies of your documents 

  • Passport BioData page: the page should be colorful. The Black and white passport page will not be accepted.
  • Passport last page copy: A few nationalities have essential information on the passport last page. In case if your passport last page does not have any information, then the passport front page is acceptable.
  • Passport-size photo: The applicant requires submitting a clear passport-size photo, the photo should be colored with a white background. 
  • Passport page with entry and exit stamp if you have visited Dubai.
  • Confirmed return air tickets.
Important Note 
  • The submitted documents must not be weary or blurred 
  • The passport must not be in a handwritten format
  • The validity of the passport should be minimum of 6 months

It must be noted that Israeli citizens are allowed to enter UAE on an Israeli passport or can apply for a UAE visa. The UAE officially bans Israeli citizens to enter UAE before August 2020. UAE and Israel have now agreed to normalize the relationship between business and trade. The Israeli citizens can now enter Dubai soon all types of tourist visas for the Israeli citizens will be available, yet an immigration system is awaited on the same. UAE is looking forward to welcoming Israeli guests for expo 2020.

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