Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Business setup in Ajman Offshore: Ajman Free Zone settled in 1988, just launched a brand–new initiative – the Ajman Offshore. This offshore center provides an investment medium for organizations and gives them the advantages of an offshore company, which incorporates a zero tax system and anonymity. It gives investors the following highlights:

  • No office required
  • No trade inside the UAE
  • No Chamber of Commerce enrollment required
  • It does not require an annual Audit Report Submission

Business setup in Ajman Offshore

Within a brief span of 2 years, this jurisdiction has turn the most looked for after Offshore Jurisdictions on the globe. The stress-free procedure of incorporation and credibility of Ajman Emirate as one of the quickest developing areas has lured investors to build up an offshore entity in Ajman.

Offshore companies in Ajman can be utilized as a Holding organization to own shares in different companies enlisted anywhere in the world. An offshore organization can be utilized as a Special Power Vehicle (SPV) to execute any task. The typical technique to structure a business is to enlist an offshore company and this offshore company will hold 100% shares of a Freezone Company in UAE. A clear beneficiary of the Freezone organization will be the owner of an offshore organization however, his name is not viewed as the Shareholder or Director of Freezone organization.

Ajman Offshore being the latest offshore entity has a lot quicker company setup process contrasted with other offshore centers. The organization can be incorporated in only 1 working day after organization name approval and complete required documents are submitted. Likewise, shareholders need not go to the UAE for the company setup.


  • 0% income tax
  • 0% tax on capital
  • 0% restrictions
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% free repatriation of profits

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