Start a Wedding Planner Business in Dubai

Start a Wedding Planner Business in Dubai

Getting married is one of the most important and special events in one’s life. That is why it requires lots of planning, preparation, and patience. It is a tough thing for a person to do it all on their own, especially if they are the ones to be wedded. The wedding planner business in Dubai is known as one of the largest running businesses, with great value and income. Do you love to organize, plan, follow wedding trends? or are you one of the planners in your group paying attention to details? Starting a wedding planning business might just be the perfect option for you. Not only that, but if you love to be the one to create a beautiful day for someone and help them have their perfect day for the rest of their lives, then you shall consider saying “I do” to becoming a wedding planner. This is one of the greatest chances that you may appreciate coordinating and arranging, as well as turning into a wedding organizer. 

Wedding planner businesses obtain stellar organizational skills, driven and creative including diplomacy as well as the ability to calm and deal with people, are needed to be considered when starting a business in the wedding industry since it’s a huge responsibility and thousands of emotions are dependent on a single person which is, a wedding planner. This sort of business is reaching peak moments in the market and more than 80% of the people are willing to employ wedding planners for their special day. It is highly imperative to have the skills of crisis management as well as paying attention to every detail while conducting this type of business. Weddings are counted as the most special and breath-taking occasions, where a majority of the people spend every penny on this day and hire the best wedding planners just to make their day a rememberable one. 

While it’s known to be the most rewarding job, a person can have. From venue selection to decorating to flowers to catering to rehearsal to photography to music to transportation, etc. Wedding planners do everything it takes to arrange a perfect day, a great responsibility indeed. As a wedding planner, if you are organizing a full-stack wedding then you are considered being held responsible for almost everything from the beginning till the very end. To be precise, the wedding planning business mainly depends on the clienteles’ experience and how well you can serve your customers.

To plan a wedding, you can either choose to have a full-time team or hire freelancers according to the requirements and requests of the wedding. But if you are a beginner and just starting, working with freelancers would be a better idea. Seems complicated? Chill out and start preparing to plan a wedding. We are here to assist you in these simple steps. Here’s how we begin!

Before you begin your business, you need to choose what type of wedding planner business in Dubai you like to have and what sort of services you would like to keep offering everyone in your wedding planning business. Wedding planning businesses contain many types of services, depending on the request of each individual. Start by listing out the basic services that a wedding planner business must have to set it up. This would be a good stage to choose your wedding planning business name whilst making sure all the resources and requirements that are needed for the business are available in your state. However, deciding what sort of services and packages your wedding planning business will offer will initially be considered important as you start planning the business, marketing the services, and meeting potential clients. This step usually involves the full planning of the wedding on what would be the happenings on the wedding day.

Choose the Business Entity.

This step involves deciding on how you will structure the business costs, which involve the legal costs as well as the taxation costs. You’ll probably need to pick a business that shields you from any sort of legitimate consequences that a wedding may face. To be away from these, the best option would be to have limited liability (LLC) as your business entity. This option would work best if you would like to have a business partner but the securities would only be offered by an LLC.

Write a detailed business plan.

This step could be considered the easiest if you are a good planner. Having a business plan is essential before starting up the business to have a clear understanding of how the business will be conducted and what are the requirements to do so. However, there are some particular things that you are ought to make certain. You need to make sure you have a clear summary of your business and the things that it would consist like the marketing analysis, the sales plan, the list of products and services you will offer, the financial plan, etc. Henceforth, making sure to be organized and attentive to the details.

Set up a financial plan, including the cost, and arrange for all the funding you need.

As an independent business person, you may not require an office space other than a table, but you would have to upfront some costs. Having an entire financial plan laid out before starting any business makes everything ten times easier. You would know about all the costs your business would require, along with all the costs of the expenses that the business would require. Initially, being a beginner, the startup cost does not have to be too high, especially if you are working from home or on behalf of another business. Indeed, getting a loan in a new business wouldn’t be too easy, but luckily, the startup costs are usually low. The costs of setting a wedding planner business usually depend on the factors which include your business activities, company size, and location. You would also require investing money into marketing and office supplies.

Marketing your Business and Establishing your network.

Marketing plays an essential role in the business, be it big or small. It is very important to do extensive research before starting or launching your business. Most of the business owners get their time consumed in marketing their business. Once you have your wedding planning business up and running with all the services outlined and laid out, start marketing. You could make use of all the social media platforms, evolved and designed especially for us to portray our work for the world to see. You could attend events and socialize there whilst giving a word of mouth of your business. Besides, creating a website or making a page on social media platforms to share all the work you have done at weddings through content and pictures. Not only this but there are more available options like advertising in print media, signing up for wedding conventions where all types of vendors meet or forge relationships with the wedding venues to find approaching clients. Being a wedding planner, you must know the best florists, the best catering service, best salons, bakers, dressmakers, photographers, best wedding venues in town, etc. However, most importantly, keep in mind that happy customers can always provide referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, which could be one of the best ways and the easiest ways to promote your business and give the business all the boost it needs. The key is satisfying the bride and groom with the additional services because they are the ones you will be mainly working with and they will always be grateful for your services by helping them have a special and rememberable day.

Remember, if you want to survive and reach heights in a wedding planner business in Dubai, all you need to do is make sure that you put on a happy face all the time. Your approach towards clients would say a lot about your business! It may seem like a simple recipe for success, but it all depends on you. If you do a good job and are happy, people will know it. In the end, if you pull off a successful event? Your hard work, your efforts will be worth the challenge! 

So, Ready to start a Wedding Planner Business in Dubai with a wedding planner license? 

To apply for a wedding planner, it does not have to be specific. Instead, you will be required to apply for a professional services license for UAE. To do so, all you need to do is make your license application for the Department of Economic Development (DED) or get it done from one of UAE’S many Free Zones. Free Zones are the most cost-effective ways to start a business as they offer many attractive benefits including 0% taxation of personal and corporate income with being exempted to 100% from the custom taxation. That’s not it! Free Zones are also beneficial to gain freedom from repatriating all the invested capitals as well as the profits along with no foreign exchange controls or currency restrictions. To start a business is not complicated but requires some certain knowledge of the process and the procedures your business would require along with having all the information on the business you are about to begin. 

MSZ corporate services provider helps ensure all the needs and requirements are met to start a business of your own in the easiest and hassle-free ways. From visa applications to legal procedures to all the mandatory tasks, we are just a phone call away to assist you, leaving you free from all the work to get on with your business! To know more, reach out to us at +971562181007 or drop us an email at We are waiting for you!