Scented Candle Product Registration Services

Scented Candles

Start your own part or full-time candle-making business from home, offering crafters the autonomy to be their own boss, choose their work, invest in their venture, and spend more time with family. The growing market for handmade crafts, especially candles, makes it a splendid business opportunity in Dubai.

Steps for Candle Business:

  1. Business Plan:

   – Develop a solid business plan to lay the foundation for success.


  1. Business Description:

   – Craft a concise pitch for your candle business.


  1. Market Research:

   – Identify your niche in the candle industry based on market segments.


  1. Niche Selection:

   – Choose a market category: Small, Medium, or High, based on your target audience and unique offerings.


  1. Brand Identity:

   – Create an attractive brand name, logo, color scheme, and branding identity.


  1. Budgeting:   – Estimate initial costs for supplies, equipment, overhead, and an hourly wage for yourself.


  1. Product Range:

   – Determine a preliminary range of prices and products to keep your line simple and reasonable.


  1. Target Audience:

   – Identify potential markets: local events, online platforms like Saffron Souk, and your own website.


  1. Permits and Licensing:
      – Ensure safety and compliance by obtaining necessary permits, insurance, and licences.


  1. Pricing Strategy:

   – Consider average pricing for different stages, including research and development and licensing.


Embark on your candle-making journey with careful planning, creativity, and a keen understanding of your target market.

ESR (Economic Substance Regulation) registration and compliance services are provided by MSZ Corporate Service Provider to businesses in Dubai, UAE. We guide you through the entire process, from understanding the ESR requirements to ensuring full compliance with the regulations. You can reach us at +971562181007 or for seamless ESR registration and compliance services in the UAE.