Product Registration with Dubai Municipality


The major reason for Product Registration with Dubai Municipality (DM) is customer safety; this procedure permits the Consumer Products Safety Section to fold enough information to assess the safety of products. It is important to highlight that no cosmetic product would be advertised, manufactured, imported, exported, sold, or distributed in Dubai without as per DM regulation.

Products Registration indicates that every product which will be imported in Dubai for local trading must be registered in DM and get a registration certificate that might be asked at the time of shipment clearing.

The Products Registration process guarantee that every cosmetic, as well as packaged food items, have all the essential information on its label, so client get understandable information about what they are going to purchase.

Dubai Municipality Cosmetic Products Registration procedures also check the accessibility of any substance that might be harmful to the human body. Same for food item anything that may be restricted or not suited for will be dismissed or put a remark.

Product Registration With Dubai Municipality – MSZ corporate services provider

MSZ corporate services provider assists in cosmetics, food, health supplements, and medical device registration.

Cosmetic Product Registration
Any substances or/products/pharmaceuticals planned to be placed in contact with the different external parts of the human body or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with an aim of mainly or exclusively to clean, change appearance, perfume, right body odors, protect as well as keep these parts in great condition.
Why it is Compulsory?
Cosmetic Products Label Assessment
You need to register every Cosmetic Product with Dubai Municipality, before placing it in the UAE local market. it is compulsory to get a certificate for cosmetic products label assessment from DM (Dubai Municipality) before placing the products in the local market for trading purposes. The Procedure will guarantee the safety of the customer and it will assist with understanding the purpose of the product, with standard label guidelines to be followed during the assessment process.
Food Products Registration

Food Products are one of the major sectors which are imported and re-exported in Dubai and other nations. To manage such a market, it couldn’t be arranged without forming correct food control measures imposed by as well as active, efficient as well as effective food control authority.

This DM aims at certifying the quality and safety of imported and re-exported food while guaranteeing easy and prompt processes and transactions to smooth food trade.

Health Supplement Products Registration

The purpose behind the processes is to guarantee the consent of the health supplements with the endorsed conditions as well as specifications, to avoid the organization which manufacture/ deal with and import these products the dismissal of their shipments when arriving in Dubai’s port or the expropriation from the local market.

Organizations have the right to manufacture as well as market products should be registered by MOHAP (Ministry of Health and Prevention) before their products can be enlisted.

The applicant should be a medical warehouse licensed by MOHAP (The Ministry of Health and Prevention) as well as holding a valid license.

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