Product Registration in Dubai

What is Registration?

Since consumer safety is the primary principle of product registration, its process allows the CPSS (Consumer Products Safety Section) to gather adequate information to assess the safety of products. It is necessary to emphasize that no product shall be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold, or distributed in Dubai unless it has been registered under DM regulation.

Registration Regulation

The Dubai Government regulates the manufacture, sale, and importation of products by requiring that all products be registered prior to placing in the Dubai market; as well by requiring the individuals running the activities related to the product to be licensed in Dubai.

The Validity of Product Registration

The registration of a product shall be valid for 5 years as an extension for a renewal to be reviewed.

Step 1:

Setting up a Company:

The applicant for product registration in Dubai must be a company incorporated in Dubai and having a trade license in Dubai.

Step 2:

Company Registration with Dubai Municipality

The company representative should enroll the company using the e-form through DM.

Step 3:

Apply for Labeling Assessment:

The candidates must apply for labeling assessment for their products category wise. Therefore, the applicant should provide CPSS with a sample of each product category or the label designing slip of the product along with applicant details. When CPSS reviews the requirements of the labeling, it issues Labeling Assessment Report that contains product description and details along with remarks for modifying the label if necessary.

Labeling of the Product

Compliance with the standard information is mandatory. All concerned individuals including manufacturers, importers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers are obliged to ensure their products comply with the mandatory information standard.

This is to identify ingredients to which the public may be allergic or which may cause an adverse reaction as well as to compare diverse products.

Followings are the Required Components that should be Asserted in Understandable English/Arabic Language:
  • Product name
  • Brand name of the product
  • Manufacturer detail
  • Country of origin
  • Ingredients
  • Size or Weight of the product
  • Production, Expiry dates/PAO
  • Storage conditions
  • Instructions of use
  • Health warning notes
  • Code Industrial number of the product (Bar-Code) & Batch number
  • Medical claims not allowed
  • Product Benefits are allowed
  • Pictures, illustration which is inconsistent with the prevailing social customs and values

Based on these conditions, the health inspector/officer from CPSS will withdraw any product that does not comply with the specifications mentioned above and issue fines to the violated individuals.

Note: Application Form for Labeling Assessment” according to the following instructions:

Within the application form, it must fill the following aspects with details as well as numbers:

  • Serial Number
  • Product Name
  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
  • Batch Number & Bar Code

After getting the approval of the label assessment, MSZ corporate services provider will start the registration process. Documents required are as follows,

Required Documents
  • Valid trade license with a related activity
  • Free Sale Certificate (A document that indicates that the product is freely sold in the country of origin, issued or attested by Governmental authorities in the Country of Origin)
    Analysis report (e.g. pH, odor, color…. etc.)
  • Laboratory Test Report from the country of origin
  • Ingredients report (amount of each ingredient with percentage or concentration and CAS Number)
  • Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate
  • (3) Samples of each product category and the label designing slip of the product
  • Product Packaging Art Work
Certificate of Free Sales (CFS)

The certificate should be issued by the health authorities/recognized bodies and should be from the country of origin. The CFS must be present at the time of submission as well as a request is to be made for the original to be seen. A Certificate of Free Sales is a report to show that the product is freely sold in that nation.

Laboratory Test Report/Ingredient Report:

A test report that shows the content of certain metals including Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Zinc, Lead as well as preservations and microbiology test from accredited laboratory whether from the Dubai Central Laboratory or the country of origin is compulsory. All the accredited laboratories internationally are available under site URL:

Analysis Report:

The documents should be acquired from the Manufacturing Company of the product. This record gives all the information concerning ingredients, physical and chemical properties of the products.

Ingredients Report:

The report should be acquired from the Manufacturing Company of the product. This record gives all the information concerning ingredients concentration, percentage as well as the CAS number.

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