Employment Visa

Employment Visa
Dreaming about living and working in Dubai, nicknamed the “City of Gold”? To live and work in Dubai, however, you will require an employment visa. A flourishing and modern city that, as per the UAE Government, has a greater number of expats than UAE residents, the procedure for getting a Dubai employment visa is almost easy.

Apply for Employment in Dubai

To get a Dubai employment visa, it is important that you have a valid passport and an offer letter of employment from the employer in the UAE.

Start the UAE Employment Visa Process

When you have found a job in Dubai and approved a position, your employer is then responsible for submitting the paperwork to the MoHRE to start the UAE employment visa process. Your employer is required by law to pay the charges related to the visa.
The starting stages of the UAE employment visa process takes around half a month. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) will then send you a two-month employment permit that allows entry to the nation.

Paperwork for Dubai Employment Visas

With your two-month employment permit in hand, and with the assistance of your employer, you could now collect the important paperwork for your Dubai employment visa. These materials can include a completed application, a valid passport (minimum six-month validity required), passport size photos, employment contract, education certificates, and trade license of your employer.
It requires all foreign candidates to go to a local hospital for a health certificate and medical examination.

Submit Your Paperwork

When you have compiled the paperwork for your Dubai work visa, your employer can assist you with sending the documents to the Dubai’s Ministry of Labor (MoL) office. The Ministry of Labor will review, approve and issue your Dubai employment visa.

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