Dependent Visa

Dependent visa
A family visa is vital in case you are entering the United Arab Emirates with family members. This visa allows the sponsoring of parents, wife, and kids (Under 18 years old). While your employer acts as a sponsor for you to stay and work in the UAE, you can sponsor your wife, kids, and other dependents.
Family members are given visas for one, two or three years, relying on work, labor contract of the sponsor, etc.
  • Family sponsorship requirements
  • Expat residents can sponsor their families in the United Arab Emirates, provided they have a valid residency permit. Male residents employed in the United Arab Emirates can sponsor their instant family members only if the conditions are met that include the expat must a minimum salary of 3000 Dirhams per month or 4000 Dirhams per month plus accommodation.
  • Since March 2019, the type of profession is never again the condition for an expat worker to sponsor his family. The government has changed the previous rule that an expat employee can bring his family members to the United Arab Emirates, provided he belongs to one of the professions given by the government that is qualified to get family sponsorship. An expat employee can sponsor his family, without worrying about his profession, provided he meets the minimum wage necessity.
  • If the father living in the UAE meets the criteria for sponsorship to sponsor his kids, then the mother is not allowed to sponsor them.
  • Wives are likewise permitted to sponsor their husbands only if they meet some extra requirements.
  • For both allowing a new family residence visa as well as for renewal, male and female dependents beyond 18 years old should go for a medical fitness test at government-approved hospitals. In case if any of the dependents is found unfit, they will be deported right away.

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