Local Sponsor

Local service agent or a Local sponsor is an individual or corporate vehicle that meets the United Arab Emirates companies law as well as regulatory requirements for Non-United Arab Emirates or Gulf Cooperation Council nationals (Foreign investors) who need to invest, operate and set up a company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Foreign investors must hold either a Local Service Agent or Local Emirati Sponsor. This can be an individual or corporate structure for onshore companies according to the United Arab Emirates law. This permits onshore companies to hold labor, immigration and complete the incorporation procedure of setting up a company. By completing this procedure, companies could then employ people and issue a residency visa permitting employees and investors to work legally.
The United Arab Emirates companies as well as civil law state that to begin an LLC company, at least a 51% share must be possessed by a UAE national. This applies to mainland onshore locale, which is a non-offshore or non-free zone area. Just UAE nationals or companies possessed entirely by UAE nationals, meet the lawful partner necessity for foreign investors setting up LLC onshore.
The accompanying legal forms need a service agent to support the company set up as well as operations in the United Arab Emirates:
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Sole Establishment Company or sole proprietorship company
  • Civil company
Business is booming in the United Arab Emirates. Business people from around the globe are hoping to benefit as much as possible from the current trends.

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