Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Marriage certifiacte attestation
A marriage certificate is a legal certificate that two individuals are married. It is important when you are traveling to some other foreign country and the certificate is given by either church, mosque, temple or by a state authority. The marriage certificate should provide the accompanying details.
  • The parties must mention their name – the groom and the bride
  • Age of the groom and the bride
  • Marital status of both the parties the groom and the bride
  • Marriage date
  • Place of Marriage
  • Grooms and brides address
  • Name of the witnesses for the groom and bride
  • Person name who formalized the marriage

Marriage certificate attestation is compulsory in the UAE to authorize the legalization of marriage in the home country. As per the UAE laws, if the couples are not married it is illegal to live together.

If you want to apply a resident visa for your spouse, the marriage certificate must be attested from the authority of the issuance country and also attested from the country that you intend to use this.

Mostly it requires 3-5 working days to get a marriage certificate attested. MSZ corporate services provider puts maximum efforts to quick the procedure and assists you in getting your document attestation on time. Attestation on time offers two services which are normal and VIP services. Customers can select any of them, based on their requirements and convenience.

Why attested marriage certificate is required in UAE?

The following are a few important scenarios when you will need your attested marriage certificate.

  • Change of name in the passport (removing or adding)
  • Applying for insurance
  • Applying for Family visa
  • Admitting your wife in the hospital for delivery
  • For an expatriate, for adopting a child
  • Filing a divorce
  • Applying for your child passport
  • Admitting your child to schools
Documents required for Marriage certificate attestation
  • Couples passport copy
  • Original marriage certificate

MSZ corporate services provider will initiate the process when you submit all the processing documents. According to the regulations, document requirements differ from time to time. If there are any such requirements, we will assist you and get your certificate attested from the UAE authority. Contact us today on +971562181007 or email at to get all your queries answered by our experts.