How to Get a Manufacturing License in UAE?

How to Get a Manufacturing License in UAE?

Starting a business in UAE requires expert advice. So, you can have the right business license and activities for your business. Activities are commonly split into several key categories–industrial, professional, and commercial. Industrial license is frequently referred to as the manufacturing license. Because all the activities which are under this license concern the fabrication, production, and assembly of goods. If you are intending to change parts or raw materials into a finished product, an industrial or manufacturing license in UAE is required to do so. With the right assistance and guidance, applying for the manufacturing license in UAE can be hassle-free and quick.

Dubai and its neighboring emirates are home to many flourishing manufacturing industries, covering the production of a wide scope of goods. Sectors include:

  • Aviation
  • Auto parts
  • Food
  • Paper
  • Binding
  • Textiles
  • Sculpting
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Casting of metals
  • And many more
How can you apply for a manufacturing license?

There are a couple of administrative tasks to take care of before you apply for the manufacturing license in UAE. The first is to select a name for your company. Company name in the UAE should not contain any blasphemous or offensive language. The company name must have a legal entity attached to it, such as LLC and FZE. It should likewise identify with your business activity. You will likewise need to outline all the business activities. Manufacturing is not sufficient. You should indicate the type of manufacturing you plan to undertake.

The business activity or activities should be selected from a pre-determined list. Significantly, you must list each activity that applies to your business when you are making the application if failed to do so can lead to fines or license revocation.

When you have completed these steps, you can apply for the manufacturing license in UAE. You must get approval to operate or build a factory.

Following are the required documents

  • Passport copy
  • Business plan
  • NOC

When setting up your business on the mainland, you will require approvals from the other government bodies. This is not needed when setting up in a free zone. Business setup in a free zone is cost-effective and incorporation is usually the simplest solution for most businesses.

Requirements to Obtain A Manufacturing License in Dubai

To be qualified for a license, you should have a physical premise, not a virtual office. You should have at least AED 250,000 in the capital, and you should employ at least 10 individuals.

You are additionally required to produce a report where you must be detailing the specifics of your factory, including tools, floor plans, and financing information. But if you looking to set up your business in the free zone, this step is not required.

You should likewise conduct a feasibility study into your business proposition.

Manufacturing license cost in Dubai
There are various costs involved in starting a manufacturing business in Dubai. As well as the cost of tools, materials, workforce, and premises, you will also require considering the visas, licenses, and approvals. To most cost-effective way is to set up your business in the UAE free zone. This will remove the costs of the additional approvals from the government bodies.

The most ideal approach to find out the costs involved in setting up a business is to speak with the business setup consultants who can guide you and give you the best quote on your particular requirement.

Setting Up A Manufacturing Business in Dubai, UAE 

It is advisable to speak with the business setup consultants to get your business license in the UAE. With decades of experience in company formation, MSZ corporate services provider can guide you to get your business license quickly and hassle-free. Got questions? Call us at +971562181007 or mail at