Pharmaceutical Products Registration in Dubai

UAE’s pharmaceutical market is growing at a fast pace. The UAE presently imports between 85% and 90% of its pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical companies seeking to import and distribute pharmaceutical products in the UAE require registering their firms.
The Pharmaceuticals Law controls the import, storage, distribution, sale, marketing, and export of all medicines for humans and animals.

There is a complete process of registration of all types of products in Dubai/UAE. Most of the products in Dubai are registered by the Dubai municipality, but all the pharmaceutical products and devices are designated by the Minister of health and prevention, UAE. All the companies have to register themselves before even the manufacturing process. Dubai authority is much concerned with the health and safety of the people. It may take more time in documentation and all the legal processes. That is the reason behind the strict and vast procedure of the registration. The companies have to go to every safety test.

After the registration, the companies manufacture as well as export the pharmaceutical to the other countries as well.

What are the requirements to Register Pharmaceutical Products in Dubai?

The companies have to fulfill all the requirements to register their products successfully. In case any documents or requirements are not complete, their request for the registration of the pharmaceutical products will be rejected. Let’s see some of the essential requirements:
  • The application can be made in English or Arabic. Marketing authorization for pharmaceutical Products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • All the documents must be completed and submitted with the application.
  • The registration will be valid for five years, after completing the period it must be renewed.
  • As we have told it to you, a long process, it may take a lot of time to get approval by the Minister of Health.
  • The product details must be registered with a trade name.
  • Shelf-life of the product with Storage conditions.
  • The applicant should have a medical store licensed by the Ministry of Health.
  • A valid company permits from the drug control department.
  • The applicant’s Samples of the outer label, inner label, and insert of the products are needed.
  • The applicants must be submitting a CD of the product in JPEG format.

These are the important points you need to know if you are planning to register pharmaceutical products in Dubai/UAE. A registered company by MOH will have the permit to import pharmaceutical products into Dubai/UAE.

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