Start a Gold Trading Company in Dubai

Start a Gold Trading Company in Dubai

The gold business in Dubai has been flourishing since the 1940s because of its free trade policies which have encouraged worldwide traders. Gold trading in Dubai is one of the leading imports. If you are a person who is wishing to begin a gold trading company in Dubai, you have to follow vital regulations and rules and get the license. Following are the steps to be followed to start a gold trading business in Dubai.

Gold Trading Company in DMCC Free Zone Dubai:

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Freezone is known for the gold business from enhancements and discovery to trading and investing. With the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Freezone for gold trading, the quantity of gold has been drastically increased. To begin a gold business in Dubai there are 3 stages:

  • Pre-approval
  • Registration
  • License

Pre-approval: The person needs to get pre-approval by following a name reservation form to Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, where the authority reserves the name of the business in Dubai.

Registration: The next step is to register a gold trading company in Dubai, you need to submit the required documents to the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

License: To get a trading license you must provide a tenancy contract and submit the required documents.

What are the documents required to start a gold trading company in Dubai? 
  • Passport copies of the shareholder(s)
  • Trade name proof
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Initial approval proof
  • Lease agreement
Reasons to start a gold trading company in Dubai: 

Gold led economy: Dubai is known as the city of gold and the purest form of gold is produced in the Middle-eastern region. Tourist who visits Dubai wishes to buy gold. The gold business is a flourishing industry in Dubai.

Precious metals: There are different other precious metals apart from gold which are platinum, diamond, etc. Although, the gold has not lost its worth and is consistently high in demand.

Tangible asset: The gold business in Dubai is a tangible asset. While doing the gold trading business in Dubai you will have a clear check of the gold purity.

Mass market: The gold is not just demanded in the Middle east yet additionally has its scope abroad and worldwide market, for example, China, Singapore, Hongkong, United Kingdom, Switzerland, India

Diversify investment portfolio: Investing in this uplifts the investment portfolio and builds a positive tendency towards the business.

Start a gold trading company in Dubai 

Starting a gold trading business in Dubai is challenging because of a lot of competition. MSZ corporate services provider will assist you in selecting the right business license as well as in setting up a new company in Dubai. Also, we will assist you with the license renewal in Dubai. Contact our experts to guide you through the process. Contact us today at +971562181007 or mail at