A complete guide to Dubai free zones

A complete guide to Dubai free zones

The Expo 2020 has created an enormous boost in the UAE’s economic sectors and real estate after it was granted to Dubai in 2013, resulting in business owners, investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to have their eyes set on the city.

If you are a potential entrepreneur who is hoping to move to the city to take the benefit of the economic boom that the Expo 2020 will bring, thinking about the Dubai free zones is a pre-essential. Therefore, to assist you to understand more about the Dubai free trade zones here is a quick guide.

Free zones or free trade zones in Dubai are business zones where organizations working in them are excluded from all types of taxation, for example, Customs, Corporate Tax, Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT).

Entrepreneurs in the free zone regions in Dubai have 100% ownership of the business. The goal of these zones is to strengthen foreign investment as well as promote economic activity in the city. Dubai was the main emirate to present the free zone model in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai free zones must not be confused with freehold regions.

What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai Free zones?

There are numerous advantages of setting up a business in Dubai free zones, which includes 100% business ownership and full tax exemption, which is the perfect choice for foreign organizations and entrepreneurs who need to utilize the UAE for a distribution base or as regional manufacturing. 100% business ownership and full tax exemption in these devoted economic zones in Dubai give a proprietorship and full duty exception in these committed monetary zones in Dubai gives a productive investment opportunity for entrepreneurs.

While Dubai free zone companies do benefit by working in these regions, entrepreneurs must be careful that to effectively enlist and maintain the business, having the correct licenses as well as approvals is fundamental. The pre-requisites of enrolling an organization in a Dubai free zone include deciding the type of legal entity, selecting trade name, applying for the business license, buying or renting an office and getting other pre-approvals.

List of Dubai Free zones

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