The race for a COVID-19 vaccine

The race for a COVID-19 vaccine

A newly strain of coronavirus which was first showed in late 2019 in China before starting its quick spread over the world. The disease which is named COVID-19 keeps on causing severe pneumonia-like symptoms in several people infected. Coronaviruses, so named for their “crown-like” appearance, are an enormous family of infection or viruses that spread from animals to human beings as well as include diseases as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) furthermore to COVID-19. While much stays unknown about the new coronavirus, it is studied that the infection or virus can spread through human-to-human transmission before any symptoms show up.

Since COVID‑19 is a novel infection or virus target with properties however it is being discovered and needs innovative vaccine technologies, as well as development strategies, the risk related to developing a successful vaccine over all the steps of clinical and preclinical research, are high. To access potential for vaccine efficiency, unprecedented PC simulations and new COVID‑19-certain animal models are being developed, yet these methods stay untested by unknown characteristics of the COVID-19 virus and also are being developed multi-nationally during 2020. Of the affirmed active vaccine candidates, about 70% are being created by privately owned businesses, with the rest of the projects under the development by health organizations, government coalitions, and academics.

In April, the World Health Organization gave a statement representing dozens of vaccine scientists over the world, promising collaboration to quick the development of the vaccine against COVID-19. Industry analysis of the vaccine development historically shows disappointment rates of 84-90%.

“Experts are stating that it will very tough to develop a safe vaccine against a respiratory sickness like the Covid-19”

The race is on to discover the vaccine that can stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Countries over the globe are using different vaccine technologies so to try as well as to search the one that can stop the pandemic. There is a minimum of 70 candidate vaccines that the scientists are working on, 5 of which are currently being tried and tested in clinical trials in human beings.

While the globe is waiting for the vaccine, potentially a large number of patients will require treatment. Doctors and specialists have begun to test once in a while controversial combinations of the current drugs to treat those who are infected, however, so far no cure has been found.

one of the most hopeful leads on a COVID-19 vaccine is mRNA-1273. This vaccine, which is developed by Moderna Therapeutics, is being created with very great urgency. If everything goes well with the test presently underway in Washington State, the organization wishes to have an early version of the vaccine prepared by fall 2020. The earliest versions of the vaccine would be made accessible to at-risk groups, for example, healthcare workers.

However, it is not sure how long time will this vaccine may take to develop, it may also take 12-18 months to develop the COVID-19 vaccine 

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