Cosmetic Product Registration
One of the world’s most important and biggest international centers of trade for cosmetic products in Dubai. The UAE government needs to form a modern assessment, so to launch a cosmetic product in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates market you must register cosmetics with the authorities. Government of Dubai and set the latest international standards in the control of import and export of cosmetic products at the regional level and international level. These standards and systems in place for brokers, dealers, buyers, sellers, and agents in the best way to carry out in the field of safety.

The purpose of registration is to provide all the vital information needed by buyers to be aware of all the necessities of the products. For Product registration in Dubai, the application may be prepared in English or Arabic based on the requirements of authorities. The product marketing permission in UAE can only be given to the Manufacturer who is registered with the Dubai Municipality.

Regulations of Cosmetic product registration in Dubai

The Government of Dubai regulates the manufacturing, sale, and import of cosmetic products by demanding that all cosmetic products be registered before placing in the Dubai market. Also by demanding the individuals running these activities related to cosmetics to be licensed in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The purpose of Cosmetic product registration

The purpose of Cosmetic product registration is to make sure the compliance of personal care products, cosmetics to the conditions and specifications of the permitted standards only and thus allowing traders, producers, and importers of cosmetics, personal care products to avoid the rejection of their consignments on the arrival at Dubai ports or avoid withdrawal of their products from the market.

What are cosmetic, personal care products?

Any substances or products which is to be placed in contact with the number of external parts of a human body including nails, epidermis, hair, lips and external genital organs and or with the mucous membranes of the oral cavity or teeth with a purpose of exclusively or mainly to clean, perfume, precise body odors, change appearance, protect and to keep these parts in good condition.
As per rule of law, only a trading company that is licensed in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates and has an activity that is related to import or manufacturing of personal care and cosmetics can register these products under its name.

Benefits of cosmetic product registration in Dubai

There are many benefits of registering your cosmetic product in Dubai some of them are:
  • It protects your Label
  • It gives you the freedom of Import and re-export
  • It protects your brand
  • It gives you the hassle-free trade-in and out of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates
  • Registration of a product adds up to its value and helps you keep your Business successful

Purposes of cosmetic product

Cosmetic products have different usage and purposes some of them are:
  • To keep in good condition
  • To change the appearance
  • To correct body odors
  • To clean
  • To protect
  • To perfume

Dubai Cosmetic product Registration procedures

There is involved number of steps to register a product and it also needs a list of documents which are needed to be produced from the country of origin and documents must be attested from the Embassy of United Arab Emirates. The common and important steps for cosmetic product registration in Dubai are:
  • Application for product registration must be from a company which is incorporated in Dubai and involved in a cosmetics-related activity
  • The Applicant Company or organization must be a list with Dubai Municipality
  • Registration procedure starts by filling out the registration form according to the instructions which are available through the electronic form program
  • The representative of the applicant company must fill out the form for each product
  • The representative of the applicant company needs to submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product which needs to be registered
  • After all the requirements are finalized a registration report of the consumer product is made

Additional Documents requirements for cosmetics product registration

Following are the document requirements for product registration in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates
  • Certificate of Free Sales
  • Analysis report
  • Laboratory report
Certificate of Free Sales (CFS):
A Certificate of Free Sales is a document to show that the product is freely sold in the country of origin. The certificate should be from the country of origin of the company and is issued by the healthcare establishments or governing authorities of the country. The Certificate of Free Sales also known as CFS should be current more precisely at the time of submission of CFS.
Analysis Report:

An analysis report must be obtained from the Manufacturing Company of the cosmetic product. This document provides all the essential data regarding elements, chemical, and physical properties of the products used in the manufacturing of the product.

Laboratory Test Report:

The laboratory test report is a document that indicates the content of certain metals including Mercury, Arsenic, Chromium, Zinc, Lead, and Cadmium. It also provides the information regarding the microbiology test from an accredited laboratory either in the Country of Origin or from Dubai Central Laboratory is mandatory.

List of cosmetic product

The following list of cosmetic product that may require registration in Dubai, the items in the below list is not comprehensive but is provided as an example:

  • Lotions, creams, gels, oils, and emulsions for the skin (face, hands, hands, feet, etc.)
  • Shower and bath preparations
  • Antiperspirant and antiperspirant
  • Depilatories
  • Hair-care products:
  • Product for waving, straightening and fixing
  • Hair tints and bleaches
  • Setting products Cleansing products, Conditioning products, Hairdressing products
  • Tinted bases (liquids, pastes, powders)
  • Face masks (except for peeling products)
  • Products for care of the teeth and mouth
  • Products for external intimate hygiene
  • Anti-wrinkle products.
  • Sunbathing products
  • Skin-whitening products
  • Products for tanning without sun
  • Make-up powders, after-bath powders, hygienic powders, etc.
  • Perfumes, toilet waters, and Eau de Cologne
  • Toilet soaps, deodorant soaps, etc.
  • Products for making up and removing make-up from the face and eyes
  • Shaving products (creams, foams, lotions)
  • Products intended for application to the lips
  • Products for nail care and make-up

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