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Should you undertake Business setup in UAE yourself?

Wondering if you can start a Dubai company yourself. You can, But there are some things you need to know.

Determining the right one for your Dubai company can be overwhelming ?

Selecting the appropriate license and business activity is crucial, and it’s best not to rely on trial-and-error methods for your business setup.

This process is far from straightforward

Simply coordinating with relevant authorities and government departments requires a significant investment of time and travel.

A substantial amount of paperwork is involved in initiating a Dubai company

This includes a multitude of forms, and applications, as well as fulfilling banking and legal requirements – and this is just the initial phase.

While you may save money by handling things on your own, consider the value of your time.

You should excel at handling intricate details.

Why MSZ?

Need to Start Business Setup in UAE?

Business setup in Dubai (or anywhere in the UAE) can be complicated. Decisions need to be made which can affect your journey and shape your success. Jurisdiction? Free zone or mainland?

Business setup in MainLand

Business setup in Free Zones

Business setup in Offshore

Benefits of setting up a company in UAE

MSZ stands as a premier business setup consultancy in Dubai, offering comprehensive support for establishing your company in Freezone, Mainland, or Offshore locations.

Complete autonomy over your business

Guaranteed full confidentiality and privacy.

Get access to a global market

No need for a physical presence to establish your company.

Company setup can take as little as 3 days

Tax systems conducive to business operations.

Business Setup In UAE & Business Setup In KSA 

Embark on your Dubai business journey with MSZ – where expertise meets enthusiasm. Our team stands by you, turning dreams into realities. Together, let’s build your legacy in this dynamic city.

Precision in Documentation

Ensure meticulous preparation of all essential documents, leaving no room for delays or hitches.

Seal the Business License

Navigate the licensing process with MSZ, where expertise converges with efficiency, securing your business venture.

Visa Voyage with Ease

Trust MSZ to facilitate your visa process, simplifying entry into the thriving Dubai marketplace, and ensuring a smooth transition.

Banking Brilliance Unleashed

Partner with MSZ to establish your corporate bank account, where financial potential meets seamless integration.


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Freezone Company Setup

AED 5,500

100% ownership

0% corporate tax

5 business activities

No hidden charges

Free business address

Free business consultation

Dubai Freezone

AED 12,500

100% ownership

3 Business activities

0% corporate tax

Business address free

Free business consultation

No hidden charges

Combination of commercial and service activities

Dubai  Mainland

AED 18,999

Professional Trade License 

100% ownership

Bank account assistance

Local Service agent included

free business address

free business consultation

no hidden charges

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We work closely with Government Authorities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can MSZ assist in the business setup process in the UAE?

MSZ serves as a valuable business setup advisor in the UAE, offering end-to-end solutions for establishing and expanding businesses. Whether it's mainland, freezone, or offshore company formation, our team provides expert guidance on licensing, permits, visa applications, and other legal requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup a strong emphasis on legal and regulatory compliance in all its services. We have an in-depth understanding of UAE laws and regulations, and our expert team ensures that businesses we assist are fully compliant with all legal requirements, minimizing any risks of non-compliance and potential penalties.

What are the advantages of setting up a mainland, freezone, or offshore company in the UAE?

Each business setup option in the UAE has its own set of advantages. Mainland companies offer flexibility to conduct business across the UAE, while freezone companies enjoy 100% ownership and tax benefits within the designated freezone. Offshore companies benefit from tax exemptions and ease of setup. MSZ can help you choose the most suitable option based on your business needs.

How does MSZ ensure legal and regulatory compliance for businesses in the UAE?

MSZ places a strong emphasis on legal and regulatory compliance in all its services. We have an in-depth understanding of UAE laws and regulations, and our expert team ensures that businesses we assist are fully compliant with all legal requirements, minimizing any risks of non-compliance and potential penalties.

Do the companies need to submit audited financials ?

The requirement for companies to submit audited financials varies based on factors like company size, legal structure, and industry-specific regulations. Publicly traded companies often need to submit audited financial statements to regulatory bodies. Private companies may do so voluntarily or based on contractual obligations. Tax authorities may also require audited financial statements in some cases.

Do the companies need physical address office mandatory ?

Yes, when setting up a mainland company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is generally required to have a local UAE national sponsor or partner who holds at least 51% ownership in the company. This local sponsor acts as a local service agent and may have certain financial and management rights within the business. The specifics of the sponsorship arrangement can vary based on the legal form of the company and the emirate in which it is established, but having a local sponsor is a common requirement for mainland companies in the UAE.

Do we need a local UAE national (sponser)for setting up a mainland company?

The necessity of a physical office address for companies varies by jurisdiction, business type, and industry-specific regulations. Some businesses require a physical location, while others use virtual offices for official purposes. Local regulations and the presence of a registered agent can also impact this requirement.

There’s a more streamlined approach available!

Prior to taking any
steps, consult with one of our specialists in Dubai company formation.