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Advantages of Setting Up Your Business in Saudi Arabia

All international companies can take advantage of the numerous incentives offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support business growth.

A business-friendly environment

The recently introduced New Companies Law includes provisions that specify the types of companies that can be established in Saudi Arabia, introducing new business structures to accommodate a wider range of preferences. The law offers increased access to financing and various advantages for limited liability companies (LLCs).

Saudi Arabia also extends significant assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority, known as Monsha’at. This government agency provides incubation facilities, accelerators, financial support programs, and collaborative workspaces, creating an environment conducive to the success of small businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Tax incentives

Similar to other Middle Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia offers attractive tax advantages. The nation imposes a 20% corporate income tax rate for Saudi businesses and does not levy personal income taxes. Additionally, the standard VAT rate is set at 15%, but there are exemptions for specific supplies, such as the export of goods outside the GCC region and services provided to non-GCC residents.

Enjoy enticing tax advantages in Saudi Arabia, including a low corporate income tax rate and zero personal income taxes, fostering a conducive business environment.

Expanding diversification

In alignment with its Vision 2023, Saudi Arabia is actively pursuing a more diversified economy, expanding beyond the conventional oil-based industry. This goal is within reach, considering that non-oil sectors already contribute 58.9% to the GDP. To sustain and enhance this performance, Saudi Arabia is intensifying its support for various industries. Efforts are being made to attract more foreign investment, implement programs to aid small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups, and broaden the scope of industries, including tourism, transportation, and entertainment, among others.

An ideal standard of living

Saudi Arabia stands as one of the most secure nations globally. In 2020, it earned the distinction of being the safest among all G20 countries, boasting a minimal crime rate. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia offers its residents a high quality of life, with affordable living expenses and substantial government assistance. Establishing a company in Saudi Arabia presents a compelling choice, whether you’re a GCC resident or a foreigner seeking a new place to relocate or establish a second residence.

Startup Expenses for Establishing a Business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The cost to start a business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would depend on several factors, and would differ if you are a GCC national or a foreign national.

It also depends on the business activities, number of shareholders, office space requirements, and other factors.

Joint Liability Company

Limited Partnership Company

Joint Stock Company

Simple Joint Stock Company

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Requirement for Obtaining a Business License in Saudi Arabia

The specific business formation prerequisites in Saudi Arabia may vary based on the company's nature, but it's advisable to have the following documents prepared and submitted in Arabic.

Steps for Setting Up Your Business in Saudi Arabia

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Determine Your Business Activities

Define your core products or services and target market, aligning them with your mission and vision, ensuring a strong focus on competitiveness and customer engagement.

Apply For The MISA Investment License

To apply for the MISA (Ministry of Investment and State-Owned Enterprises) investment license, consult the MISA website for application details and requirements, then submit your application along with the necessary documents to initiate the process.

Submit Articles Of Association

To submit Articles of Association, draft a comprehensive document outlining your company’s internal rules and structure, and then file it with the appropriate government agency or authority in your jurisdiction as per legal requirements.

Register Your Company Name

Register your company name with the relevant government agency, typically the Secretary of State or equivalent, by completing the required application and paying the associated fees to ensure legal protection and exclusive use of the name.

Apply For Commercial Registration

To apply for commercial registration, contact your local business regulatory agency, complete the necessary forms, provide required documentation, and pay the registration fees, ensuring your business is legally authorized to operate in the specified jurisdiction.

Register Your Company’s National Address

Register your company’s national address with the appropriate government authority or postal service, ensuring accurate and up-to-date location information for official communications and legal compliance.

Register With The Government Departments

Register your business with relevant government departments, such as taxation, labor, and business licensing, by submitting the required forms, documentation, and fees to establish legal compliance and ensure smooth operations.

Open Your Corporate Bank Account

To open a corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia, contact a local bank, provide the required business documents, including Articles of Association and a valid commercial registration certificate, and follow their specific account opening procedures. It’s advisable to consult the chosen bank for precise requirements and guidelines.

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