Biocidal Detergent Product Registration in Dubai

biociadal dtergent product registration

Detergents products with biocidal action are regulated by the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) which includes antimicrobials, disinfectants, antibacterial, sanitizers, and any detergent with biocidal activity. Every detergent on the UAE market should be labeled and packed as per the regulations. Detergents that have biocidal active ingredients should likewise follow the Biocidal Products Regulation. One must understand the requirements for labeling and packaging of biocidal detergent product registration.

  • All producers/manufacturers and importers of biocidal detergent products, 
  • Any individual changing the formula (composition) of a biocidal detergent, and 
  • Any individual who changes the packaging or labeling of a detergent product including distributors and retailers who sell “own label” detergents.

Biocidal substances are incorporated in the detergent products to give them antimicrobial, antibacterial, sanitizing, or disinfecting properties with the expectation to destroy, control harmless or make harmless organisms such as viruses or bacteria by means other than mechanical or mere physical action. 

How to know whether a Detergent Product contains a Biocide? 

The biocidal detergent product label will claim a biocidal effect for example,

  • Antimicrobial, 
  • Antibacterial, 
  • Antifungal, 
  • Disinfectant,
  • Sanitising etc

Every Biocidal detergent will therefore additionally have either an authorization number or a notice number (a PCS number) on the label.

Labeling of Biocidal Detergent Products

The labeling of every detergent products should comply with the necessities of the Detergent Regulations. If the detergent has a biocidal function, the packaging of the product should also have the labeling information as needed by the Biocidal Products Regulation. 

Also, where the biocidal detergent product is classified as dangerous/hazardous, it should be hazard labeled as per the guidelines set out in the labeling and classification legislation.

What is the information required on the label of a Biocidal Detergent Product? 
The biocidal detergent label must contain all the relevant components.
  • Approval or notification number
  • Ingredients and its concentration,
  • Approval reason, 
  • Restricted users’ details, 
  • Handling instructions, 
  • Storage, 
  • Usage, 
  • Disposal of the biocide 
  • Protective equipment or clothing details which should be worn when using the biocide product
Any changes made in the label of the biocidal product must be notified to the authorities for approval before the changes being made to the label of the product.
What is the label requirement for Detergent Products classified as hazardous?
Each detergent product that is classified as hazardous should be hazard labeled as per the regulations on the Classification, Labelling, and Packaging of mixtures and substances.

The hazard labeled on the package should display the accompanying information. 

  • Trade name of a mixture, 
  • Content (volume or weight), 
  • Contact details of the supplier, 
  • Hazard pictogram, 
  • Signal word, 
  • Precautionary statements
  • Hazard statements
Safety Data Sheets and Ingredient Data Sheets

To guarantee that the packaging and labeling are complying, those who are responsible for labeling and packaging should also make sure that the ingredient datasheet has the detergent name, manufacturer name, and names of all ingredients.

Each biocidal detergent product that is classified as hazardous and sold to professional users should have an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) which outlines the safety and hazard information for the product.

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