Beverages Product Registration Services

Registering Food and Beverage Products in the UAE

To import, cultivate, manufacture, or sell food items in Dubai or any other emirate of the UAE, it’s necessary to undergo the registration procedure with Dubai Municipality or another relevant authority, depending on the product’s classification, information, and supply chain particulars. The Food Product Registration involves submitting product information through a unique barcode on the authority’s web portal. The authority, such as Dubai Municipality, then scrutinises the product label to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. The label must display specific details in Arabic; other languages are permissible as long as the information is consistent across all languages. The registration process also involves checking ingredients, and the authority may request laboratory tests to verify product quality and ensure consumer safety. This entire process aligns with the guidelines and regulations set by the UAE government.

How We Can Support Your Food & Beverage Product Registration Needs
  • Our MSZ professionals possess extensive collective expertise in facilitating product registrations in the UAE. With a focus on specialised food product registration, our team excels in managing regulatory, administrative, and follow-up tasks with the relevant authorities. We strive to enhance the likelihood of success and expedite the entire process for our clients.

ESR (Economic Substance Regulation) registration and compliance services are provided by MSZ Corporate Service Provider to businesses in Dubai, UAE. We guide you through the entire process, from understanding the ESR requirements to ensuring full compliance with the regulations. You can reach us at +971562181007 or for seamless ESR registration and compliance services in the UAE.