Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Under the Emiri Decree No.(2), issued in the year 2014 Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) has constituted a new offshore section that is regulated under the Ajman Offshore Companies Regulations of 2014 (regulations that administer international companies).

Ajman Offshore has become the favorite spot of foreign investors from over the world. One of the vital elements of Ajman offshore is being its strategic location. The Emirate of Ajman is midway put in the United Arab Emirates, which makes it a perfect center to serve Ajman seaport and the Gulf drift.

Moreover, it is deliberately situated at the entryway of the Arabian Gulf, making it all-around set to supply for both Western and Eastern markets. Furthermore, Ajman offshore offers lucrative duty motivators and backings investors by ensuring and dealing with their benefits and offering powerful money related arranging of assets, which advance reinforces its notoriety for being a promising business center point.

Like any other offshore authorities, Ajman Offshore company formation also offers a Zero Tax Structure and it also provides confidentiality and privacy of information. The official address of the Ajman offshore company can be the address of the registered agent. The cost to set up an offshore company in Ajman is the reason in UAE and is less time. Ajman offshore companies just like other offshore companies and are not permitted to operate in the United Arab Emirates. In Ajman and UAE offshore companies only get a company incorporation certificate by the authority. Ajman offshore company cannot carry out business activities within the United Arab Emirates. It is allowed for the shareholders to invest in UAE companies. For Ajman offshore company registration, a director/manager or shareholder has to be physically present in the Free Zone office along with a selected registered agent, and personally sign the documents at the same time.

Ajman Offshore is a model mix of modernization and inheritance and has seen an urban boon. It offers many benefits to the investors and some major benefits are:

  • Ajman Offshore offers 100% corporate and personal tax exemptions
  • Ajman Offshore company formation benefits you with 100% foreign ownership
  • Ajman Offshore guarantees complete privacy, confidentiality
  • Ajman Offshore company formation protects your assets
  • There are no restrictions on foreign currency when dealing
  • Ajman Offshore business setup offers repatriation of offshore company profits and capital
  • Company formation as Ajman Offshore requires minimum capital
  • Ajman Offshore company has low setup costs when compared to onshore companies
  • Ajman Offshore provides flexibility to own AFZA approved freehold properties
  • Ajman Offshore provides the freedom to claim ownership to your patents, copyright, trademarks, and any other intellectual property you may own
Permitted Activities in Ajman Offshore

Ajman Free Zone as being a new offshore entity therefore company incorporation process in Ajman offshore is much faster when compared to other offshore authorities of the region. After company name and activity, approvals are taken it only takes 1 or 2 business days for Ajman offshore company formation if all the incorporation documents are properly submitted to the Ajman offshore authority.

Following are the type of companies or activities allowed by Ajman Free zone:

  • General Trading
  • Commission Agents Company (Intermediary Brokers)
  • Investments and Joint Investments companies
  • Consultation and Advisory Services
  • Professional Services
  • Owning Property
  • International Services
  • Holding Company (Selling / Buying / Holding stakes in other companies)
  • Shipping and Ship Management Companies
Time required:

The time required for Ajman offshore company formation is 1-2 working days (approx.) on completion of required documentation

Shareholder’s visit to the Authority:

A shareholder is not required by an authority to visit the office for Ajman offshore company formation


Ajman offshore company has a minimum number of shareholder requirements which is only one. Ajman Offshore Company formation accepts corporate shareholders. Shareholders have to choose the capital structure. Bearer shares are not allowed in Ajman offshore company.

A minimum number of directors:

The minimum number of shareholder requirements is only one.

UAE resident secretary:
As per Ajman free zone authority, it is required to have a UAE resident secretary.
Minimum capital requirement:
For Ajman offshore company formation the capital of the company can be any amount, and in any denomination.
Deposit capital in the Bank:
For Ajman offshore company formation it is not required to deposit capital in the bank.
Name suffix:
For Ajman offshore company formation you are allowed to use following suffix Ltd. (e.g.: ABC Holding Ltd.) etc.
Repatriation of profit:
Company formation in Ajman free zone allows the repatriation of profits.
Documents required (Individual shareholding):
  • Bank reference letter (Original)
  • Residence proof(Original)
  • Resume (CV) of the
  • shareholders
  • Passport copies
Local Requirements:
Ajman Offshore Company requires the appointment of an official registered agent. The office of the registered agent in UAE will be used as Ajman offshore company’s address.
Ajman Offshore company formation the details of shareholders & directors will be filed with Ajman free zone authorities and will not be shared publicly.
Features of Ajman offshore company formation are as follows:
  • No need of renting an office for Ajman Offshore company formation
  • Ajman offshore company is not allowed to do trade within the UAE.
  • No registration in Chamber of Commerce for Ajman Offshore company is required
  • Ajman Company can have 100% foreign ownership.
  • Ajman Offshore company does not require to have a physical office in the UAE
  • No residence visa for founders and directors under Ajman Offshore company setup
  • Ajman Free zone is Globally respected jurisdiction
  • The fast and cost-effective registration process of Ajman offshore
  • Ajman offshore company formation will allow you to open a bank account(s) in the UAE
Ajman Offshore Limitations:

Following are the activities Ajman offshore is not permitted to do:

  1. Ajman offshore company is not allowed to engage in any activities outside the Fee Zone or to
  2. Carry out business with persons outside the Free Zone and within the United Arab Emirates
  3. Ajman offshore company may not have a physical office in the United Arab Emirates.
  4. No UAE residence visas for Ajman offshore company shareholder
  5. Ajman offshore company cannot acquire a tax residency certificate
  6. Ajman offshore company cannot own more than three properties.

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