Accounting and Book Keeping

Accounting and Book Keeping

Accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai are required by all the organizations no matter what is the size of the organization as the authority of the United Arab Emirates makes it compulsory to maintain a comprehensive and systematic recording of all the financial transactions of the organization.

Accounting and bookkeeping helps in setting up well-analyzed and exact financial documents such as trial balance, balance sheets, and profit/loss statements by classifying and recording all the financial data of the transactions. Accounting and Bookkeeping helps the management of the organization to comprehend and monitor the movement of the cash before making any financial decision.

It is compulsory from the Government of the United Arab Emirates to maintain the books and accounts of the organization for at least 5 years. The vast majority of the organizations in the UAE are hiring accounting firms in Dubai to satisfy the legal requirements to stay concentrated on their business goals and objectives.

MSZ corporate services provider offers accounting services in Dubai that maintain quality as well as financial records. We MSZ corporate services provider follow International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) to give well-maintained accounting and bookkeeping services as well as accounting solutions to guarantee higher sales and development of the organization

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Accounting deals with the recording of an organization’s financial transactions of individuals and businesses. Accounting is one of the most significant parts that makes your business to run, and you need to realize why accounting is the life of any business. However, if this part of your organization is not orderly, it must be expected that the business of this organization is not running as successfully as it should.
Bookkeeping, on the other side, is all about recording an organization’s economic activities. The passages are summarized occasionally. It was called “bookkeeping” as before the PC’s were born, these were recorded in actual books. However, presently, transactions are recorded electronically.

MSZ corporate services provider strongly support and trusts on a paperless as well as modern accounting solution to increase the efficiency and functions. At MSZ corporate services provider we make sure that you get the best service for Accounting and Bookkeeping. For more support and assistance call us on +971562181007 or email at